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Health Plan Advisors is a Tucson based Arizona insurance agency dedicated to the needs of our senior population. We specialize in Medicare and other plans necessary to help the well-being of those on or soon to receive Medicare. It is owned and operated by Arnold Hunter, LUTCF, CFSP, CSA®.

What are our designations and certifications?

LUTCF"Life Underwriting Training Council Fellow" is a Nationally recognized and industry accepted accredited professional designation. It is conferred only upon those individuals who meet or exceed the exacting qualification standards determined by the two organizations that jointly sponsor the designation, The American College and the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA). To become a fellow a person needs to successfully complete five comprehensive courses of the curriculum, in addition to an Ethics course.

CFSP"Care Funding Solutions Provider" is an industry certification. Care Funding Solutions Providers provide free consultations to help your families determine what assets and income they have available to pay for Senior Living and Long Term Care, using assets such as Life Insurance, Annuities, VA benefits, Reverse Mortgages, and Loans.

ACA Certified Broker"Affordable Care Act" brokers are certified to assist clients using the state or Federal Health Insurance Exchange websites. It is an industry certification provided and administered by CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) which is the government organization tasked with regulating all ACA compliant health insurance in the U.S. This certification must be renewed annually by studying several modules and passing each associated exam as well as an ethics course.

Company Certifications for MedicareBefore a broker can speak of, recommend, or sell Medicare Advantage Plans and Prescription Drug Plans they must be certified by each insurance company in which they're representing. These certification classes consist of information about each type of plan as well as information about specific company's plans as well as an ethics course.

CSA®"Certified Senior Advisor®" is our most prestigious designation. It is a nationally recognized and multi-industry accepted accredited professional designation. It is conferred upon persons working in a number of differing industries, such as healthcare, law, finance, insurance, etc. The Society of Certified Senior Advisors is the organization that provides this designation. A person must pass an exam consisting of information from 18 modules, including social, religious, health, and finance aspects.

As a health insurance broker we're loyal ONLY to you, not to any of the insurance companies that we represent. Since there are several hundred popular plans from which to choose you can get the coverage that fits your needs, lifestyle, and budget. And relax ▬ we do not charge any fees for our service and high pressure sales tactics are not tolerated.

We know that health insurance is a complicated decision to make. You want to do business with someone experienced and knowledgeable with all available plans and able to give you all major options available.

We have been involved with insurance since 2002, and we've specialized in senior products since 2006.

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