Medicare Advantage Plans

These are the "pay as you go" plans with lower premiums but higher usage cost.

Medicare Advantage Plans can be an alternative to Medicare and Medicare Supplements. Medicare Advantage Plans, officially known as "Medicare Part C", are offered by private insurance companies approved by Medicare. Medicare pays these companies to cover your Medicare benefits. The premium for these plans are low or sometimes even $0, depending on your location and the plans available at your location.
Again, what is available to you will depend on your location, even down to your zip code. Some plans will require you to select a primary care doctor who will refer you to a specialist if needed. You generally pay the co-pay for each provider. If this type of plan doesn't suit you there are other types available that do not require a doctor selection and/or a rerferral. Other plans will allow you to see any doctor that accepts Medicare and will agree to accept you with that plan

Most of these plans do not have deductibles nor will you be responsible for the Part A or Part B deductible. They have doctor and specialist co-pays of $0 to $50. Many plans also include the Part D prescription drug coverage. All plans have "maximum out of pocket" limit to protect you financially. The maximum limit is set by Medicare but plans can have lower limits.

We carry the major companies for Arizona. They are:

Blue Cross
Health Choice Generations
Health Net
Phoenix Health Plan
United Health
University of Arizona Health Plans

There are several different types of plans, including HMO plans, HMO/POS plans, PPO plans, PFFS plans, MSA plans and others. What is available to you depends on your location. Do you know which plan would be best for you? If you fill out our Medicare Advantage Quote Form we'll compare the top companies for you, finding the best plan for your situation.