These are the "all you can eat" plans with higher premiums but little to no usage cost. These policies fill the "gap" in Medicare coverage, and therefore are often called "Medigap" policies. Depending on the company and your location, you can select from the following plan types:

Plan A
Plan B
Plan C
Plan F
Plan Hi F
Plan G
Plan K
Plan L
Plan M
Plan N

Some plans will cover everything that Medicare covers without any additional costs. Other plans will have a lower premium but you may have additional charges when you utilize medical services.

None of the Medicare Supplements have Part D prescription drug coverage so you do need to purchase a stand-alone drug plan.

As a result of a provision in the Affordable Care Act plans C and F are due to be discontinued in the year 2020. This is because these two plans cover the Medicare Part B deductible and Congress has decided that seniors need to pay that deductible.

We represent some of the most competitive companies, including:

Blue Cross
Central States Indemnity
Columbian Mutual
Manhattan Life
Mutual of Omaha
United American
United Health (AARP)

There is much too much information about these plans to go into more detail here. For more information or to get a quote fill out our Medicare Quote Request Form.