As low as $1.51 per month!*

Cancer insurance provides a one-time lump-sum cash payment upon the first diagnosis of internal cancer or malignant melanoma. It is a cash benefit when you need it most.
Today, millions of families are dealing with cancer. Medical advances have greatly improved the treatment for those diagnosed with cancer. However, with those innovative treatments come an increased cost.

Why do you need a cancer policy?

The American Cancer Society (ACS) states that 1 in 2 American men and 1 in 3 American women will get cancer in their lifetimes.

The ACS also states that 65% of all expenses associated with a cancer diagnosis are NOT covered by regular health insurance.** --Expenses such as loss of income, transportation, hotel stays when seeking treatment away from home or when family comes into town, child care, housekeeping, home nursing care, etc.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, between 1975 and 2009 the number of cancer deaths increased 45.5% among white men, 56% among white women, 53% among black men and 98% among black women. However, the rates of death by cancer has been decreasing. This means that the chance of surviving cancer once you get it is getting better, but with people living longer there are many more people getting cancer.

Many new medications are not covered by your health insurance because it takes awhile before the insurance companies catch up with the pharmaceutical companies. These medications are traditionally very expensive, sometimes running upwards of $4000 per treatment.


Lump-sum payment puts the control in the hands of the insured.

You can get benefits amounts from $10,000 up to $50,000.

Pays in addition to other insurance benefits.

Payments are made directy to the insured.

You use the funds how you see fit.

No Coordination of Benefits!

Easy applications.

Low Cost.

Available to those 18 to 69.

Inflation protection plans available.

Benefits paid on diagnosis, no treatment required first.

Return of Premium riders available - if you don't use it you don't pay for it.

The number of people who have survived cancer is currently over 13.7 million in 2012. Although over 1.6 million people contract cancer each year, the survival rate is up to 68%. The challenge is in the costs for fighting cancer, which are currently around $216.6 billion annually.**

*22 years old, $5,000 benefit
**American Cancer Society - Facts and Figures 2014